21. november 2011

Misting This, That and Everything by Heidi Kelley

Vi har fått med oss en skikkelig kreativ, fargerik og dyktig jente denne gangen!!
Gjett om vi var glade da selveste Heidi Kelley takket JAAAA til å lage en artikkel for oss. 
Utrolig morsomt at hun tok seg tid til dette.

Heidi er med på designteamet til Prima, Shimmerz, The Color room og 7 dots.

Vi er  veldig stolte over å ha henne med oss her i dag.

Velkommen til Heidi !!:)

Paint mists can add so much visually to any form of mixed media or scrapbook project! It can create texture and dimension, add color or sparkle. Today I just want to give you a few tips on how to use this incredible "tool" within your projects!

First of all, when it comes to using paint mists like Shimmerz, with a spray nozzle, it is VERY important to not shake the bottle to mix up all that delicious color that settles into the bottom. Swirl the mist in the bottle, shaking will do nothing but clog the nozzle! Place the bottle between your two hands and gently roll it until the paint mixes beautifully. However, should you have shaken the bottle already - don't fret - simply take the nozzle off and run under warm water for a minute or two, then pump the nozzle, gently rubbing the hole where the mist comes out to loosen any remaining product! Put the sprayer back in place and don't shake it next time. :)

For "drips" like those I have created in this layout called "This Pic" (created for Shimmerz) :

I like to either use paint pots from Shimmerz, or add layers of molding paste for texture and then I use a medicine dropper to apply the paint color, twisting and turning the page in order to see it drip where I'd like.

In this layout "B4 Love & Me" (created for 7 Dots) :

I saturated areas with color, and then wiped with a baby wipe in order to blend into the paper. I also dropped several colors onto the child's grungeboard wings and then used a brayer to blend where I desired. If you are using Shimmerz paints, then I recommend that you let the first color dry almost completely before adding the second color - if you blend everything while it is still wet, it could become a tad muddy in color. 

You can use mists on acrylic, like I did to create "Blossoms" (created for Clear Scraps) :

Simply mist as much color as you would like, and then be patient. Paint mists that are water based (which is the Shimmerz that I use) take some time to dry in this case. Just let sit for a couple hours while you work on something else or relax. :) You could use a heat gun to hurry the process along, but that really pushes the color around on acrylic.

Paint mists look fabulous on canvas, as well as topping art mediums, such as molding paste and gesso. Here on my "Flower Printing" canvas (created for Shimmerz) I :

covered the canvas with a bit of gesso, adhered some flowers, covered them with molding paste, and then saturated with color. When using canvas rather than paper, you don't have to worry as much about the colors drying before adding additional hues, the fabric soaks it right in - so I was able to blend, blend, and blend using a brayer, sponge, and baby wipes to get the color to come out as sunset like.

I love using paint mists as a way to create masks, like I did here on these balloon masked pages (created for Shimmerz) :

Print out your own masks, or use template, temporarily secure them in place, and mist away! Depending on what materials you are misting upon, again be conscious of whether there will be color bleeding or not and if you should allow layers of color to dry first. 

For "spots" like this I have created in this layout called "You R What Matters Most" (created for Shimmerz) :

Remove the lid and hang the tube and nozzle over the layout in the area where you wish to splatter the mist.  For large drops let it sit until it drops on its own, or aim at the area that you'd like it to hit. For smaller splatters gently tap, or flick, the nozzle until the mist splatters on the surface. 
I hope that these tips have given you some ideas! Remember, working with paints can be an amazing, creative outlet... AND mistakes can happen. Mistakes that turn into beautiful works of art. Paint mists don't always spray in the direction you plan, and drips can happen - but each project will turn out so unique because of this, so have fun and go get misting!

xx Heidi

WOW - denne dama er råå!!!!! 
Thank you soo much, Heidi!!:)

Vi håper du har kosa deg med denne artikkelen - og håper det kan inspirere deg til å prøve deg enda litt mer frem med mister og maling. Vi er helt sikre på at Heidi setter stor pris på noen kommentarer også;)

For ekstra inspirasjon: Heidi sin blogg

Vi håper at vi alle får en hyggelig og kreativ uke:)

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Marianne/skorpionen sa...

Åhhh..her var det mye lekkert!!! Og jeg skjønner at jeg må begynne å være mer tålmodig :D
Thanks for sharing Heidi!! Gorgeous work!

Linda64 sa...

A person can never get enough input about using mist and paint. Thank you for great inspiration Heidi! Beautiful creations..

Caroline sa...

This is so awesome Heidi :)

Ann Cicilie sa...

WOW - lekre saker og ting her ja!

Thank you for the gorgeous inspiration, Heidi!

Tone-Lill sa...

Some fantastic pages you have made here.
Love you "art of Work"
A great tutorial, thank you for sharing!